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about me put crap about you here.
fandoms Chad Pennington, New York Yankees, The Beatles.
other interests Play and watch Football and Baseball, Singing, Dancing, Working out.
4 non blondes, aerosmith, alex rodriguez, andy pettitte, anthony hopkins, anthony kiedis, arod, audioslave, beatles, ben roethlisberger, bette midler, billy joel, blind melon, blondie, bob dylan, bon jovi, bono, brady quinn, brian urlacher, britney spears, bruce springsteen, carrie underwood, chad pennington, chris cornell, chris daughtry, chris long, christina aguilera, coldplay, courtney love, creedence clearwater revival, cyndi lauper, daughtry, dave grohl, david bowie, david cook, derek jeter, eli manning, elvis presley, faith hill, fiona apple, foo fighters, garbage, george harrison, gilmore girls, green day, guns n' roses, gwen stefani, hole, jack nicholson, jamie lee curtis, janis joplin, jeremy shockey, jessica simpson, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, john frusciante, john lennon, john mayer, johnny cash, johnny damon, judy garland, kanye west, kate hudson, kelly clarkson, kenny chesney, kurt cobain, led zeppelin, linda perry, lindsay lohan, lonestar, matt leinart, meat puppets, melissa etheridge, metallica, miami dolphins, missy elliot, natalie wood, naz, neil diamond, new york yankees, nicole richie, nirvana, no doubt, ny yankees, offspring, p!nk, patsy cline, patti smith, paul mccartney, pearl jam, peyton manning, pink, pink floyd, queen, r.e.m., radiohead, red hot chili peppers, rem, roseanne, roseanne barr, shirley manson, silverchair, simon and garfunkel, soundgarden, stone temple pilots, stp, sublime, the beatles, the doors, the grateful deal, the moody blues, timbaland, toby keith, tony romo, u2, willie nelson