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A-Rod B-day, Chad Pennington is amazing

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Jul. 27th, 2008 | 09:49 pm

Today was Alex Rodriguez's B-day. Happy b-day love!

On the flip side, I got a chance once again to see Jets practice on Saturday. Why? Because I am there to support Mr. Pennington of course. And in doing that, once again, just like Friday, I got a SECOND opportunity to spend time with Chad, which was another amazing experience. It's astonishing how someone can be so nice. What aggravates me, is that people drive me insane when they talk shit about him. Considering all he has done for me, it rips me up when they bash him for the lack of strength he possesses. It gets me so angry when they bug him with all the Brett Favre shit. What the hell can he possibly do to make people believe in him, he got this team to the playoffs enough times to make one wonder why no one has faith. Come on! He's better then people give him credit for. He is the most underrated QB ever. IMO, Chad has done a lot better then a lot of other people with very little weapons to play with. Give him a Randy Moss to throw to like he once had in college, and a few people who can block him and get him some time to throw, and I think he might have had a ring rather then a wrath of injuries. I still believe Chad is in it to win it, and I will pray to him until I am blue in the face. I just pray he finally gets some justice and one more chance to show that he is what this team is about, he's always been. He is a New York Jet and always will be. Don't replace the face Tangini! We love you Chad!

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